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How do we tell stories that engage, inspire, and have a lasting impact? How do we turn thoughts and ideas into effective and authentic storytelling? How can we use storytelling to make a difference— in our work, lives, and communities? In this podcast I interview thought leaders and changemakers about the stories that shaped them — and explore how you too can turn your thoughts into leadership. Storytelling with Heart is hosted by Camille DePutter, a storytelling specialist who helps leading professionals create game-changing, award-winning communications.

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Tuesday May 30, 2023

Donna Lichaw is an executive coach, speaker, and author of the Amazon bestseller, The User's Journey and her new book, The Leader’s Journey. Her mission is to help startup founders, tech executives, and senior leaders unlock their leadership potential so that they can make a greater impact and a difference at work and in the world.
Donna works with superheroes at companies like Adobe, Amazon, Disney, Google, Logitech, Mailchimp, Twitter, and Trello as well as a ton of non-profits, startups, and scale-ups. And she has taught at technology and innovation programs at New York University, Northwestern University, Parsons School of Design, and the School of Visual Arts. 
I love the storytelling-based approach Donna takes with her work. If you’re in a leadership position – or growing into one – you’re going to love this episode. 
Topics we cover include:
How to find out what your strengths REALLY are. (Hint: They might be different from the things you’ve come to believe about yourself.)
Why self doubt and insecurity is so common, including among highly successful people, and how to move through them.
Why the thing you *think* is the problem or weakness, might not be the problem at all… and how to figure out what ACTUALLY needs fixing.
How to build on the strengths and characteristics that have already been serving you in your life and work.
How to balance thinking about other people AND your own need to speak up and feel like a hero. (Hint: It starts with you.)
Why more leadership skills aren’t necessarily the answer — what you should do instead of developing more leadership skills.
Why your energy matters and how to regain it if you feel drained or burned out.
And so much more.  
Learn more about Donna (and check out her new book, The Leader’s Journey) at

Tuesday May 16, 2023

Have you ever dreamed of writing a novel?
Ever fantasized about seeing YOUR name on the shelves of your favorite book store? 
Linh Nguyen did. In fact, at a young age, she wrote a letter to her future 30 year old self that said, “congratulations on your first book.”
Young Linh was right to have faith in her dreams, because she did it.
If you can relate to the dream of writing and publishing (especially if your sights are set on writing children’s books or YA), you’re going to want to listen to this.  
Linh Nguyen (she/her) is a Vietnamese-Canadian immigrant and writer who specializes in children’s literature and creative non-fiction. Her debut middle-grade fantasy novel, No Place Like Home, was released with HarperCollins Canada in March 2023. 
Prior to working as a full time author, Linh was working a more “typical” full time job. In this interview we explore how she found time to write, got her book published, and is now living her dream of living and working as a full-time author.
In this episode we cover:
How Linh made time to write her first novel while working a full time job — and how she makes time to write now, as a full time author.
Why you should embrace the messy first draft … and why your draft doesn’t have to be perfect (far from it) to get published.
Why you should be prepared for rejection, but also know that getting published IS possible!
How Linh changed her original draft to make it deeper, more relatable, and more true to her real life experience, including her experience as an 11 year old in Canada as a Vietnamese immigrant.
How Linh grappled with self-representation, including how she worked to dismantle her own socialized assumptions about who her characters should be; how she navigated her sense of responsibility towards representing her community; and how she put herself in her own story without losing her characters.
Why fiction can work just as well (or better!) to communicate big, complex ideas and get your message across.
What it’s like to market a book, and Linh’s tips on how to choose your promotional tactics. (Hint: Focus on what brings you the most joy.)
Linh’s writing process: how she gets words on a page, how she balances the combination of inspiration and discipline… and what Linh and I agree is THE most important part of the writing process.
What it’s actually like to live and work as a full-time author — Including the big, common misconception about being an author that Linh would like to clear up.
Linh’s work can be found at or more frequently on Instagram @linh.s.nguyen.

Tuesday May 02, 2023

If you want to get better at talking about what you do, presenting, selling, marketing, public speaking, writing, or sharing stories of any kind… listen to this episode! 
Michel Neray is a professional speaker, consultant, creator of Inside-Out storytelling, and the founder of momondays -- a monthly storytelling event that pre-pandemic was in 16 cities. 
Michel has helped thousands of individuals and organizations to drill down to their core message, become category leaders and craft more impactful stories to become more effective leaders, salespeople, coaches, teachers, trainers, speakers, and influencers of all types. He also uses the Inside-Out approach to differentiate, position, and brand organizations in the market.
I know Michel because back in the early 2000s he gave me my first “real” job out of University by hiring me at his boutique marketing/messaging agency called The Essential Message. Michel mentored me and provided me with a ton of experience that allowed me to leapfrog ahead in my career. I routinely apply many of the things he taught me to this day. Years later, I spoke at momondays, in which I delivered a speech that catapulted my business and brand. 
Many of the concepts Michel taught me remain relevant and timeless — and we cover a number of them in this discussion.
In this episode, we explore: 
The value of storytelling, and why human beings are wired for story.
How to discover (and tell) your “origin story”.
The event, and personal story, that changed both of our lives and our careers for the better.
Why you should share personal details in your stories. (Hint: the more personal the story, the more universal the message.)
The role of curiosity in feedback and mentorship, and the questions you should be asking your colleagues, students, clients, mentees.
How to take feedback, and the importance of developing your own critical thinking about your work.
The problem with elevator pitches and what you should say / do instead.
How to become better at whatever you do by becoming a student of your own impact.
Why you should go out and engage with other people about your writing and work rather than keeping it to yourself.
When you’re done listening to this episode, be sure to check out Michel Neray at (where’s he got lots of useful free resources) and

Tuesday Mar 21, 2023

Connection is at the very heart of storytelling… and our lives. 
What does it really look like to create meaningful connections with other people—including friends, teammates, colleagues, employees, community members, and the audience you want to reach?
If there’s a go-to expert on this subject, it’s Kat Vellos. 
Kat is a trusted name on the power of cultivating meaningful friendships. 
In her former career, Kat made software more user-friendly at large companies you’ve heard of, but these days she makes life more friendly for the thousands of people and work teams who use her guidance to cultivate fulfilling friendships and colleagueships.
Kat’s a speaker, facilitator, and author of the book, We Should Get Together: The Secret to Cultivating Better Friendships. Her writing is read in over 100 countries and she’s been interviewed by The New York Times, NPR, Communication Arts, The Good Life Project, and many more. 
I met Kat years ago at a conference (UX Week) when she attended my workshop on storytelling for designers, and in 2022 she presented as an expert guest at my Storytelling Mastery Summit. When I started this podcast I *knew* I had to have her on as a guest. 
In our discussion, we cover…
The three little words you should probably use WAY less often.
How to carve out a niche or specialty for yourself simply by asking questions… and why it’s better to follow your curiosity rather than “follow your passion”.
Why friendship matters, both in and out of the workplace.
What healthy teams and “colleagueships” look like, and how to cultivate healthy relationships in the workplace.
Why bonds among people and healthy colleagueships are essential for teams and businesses to thrive.
Why it really is “lonely at the top”, why leaders often suffer loneliness in silence, and how to get support. 
What to do if you feel lonely or disconnected at work.
How to walk the line of connecting authentically, while still remaining professional and reserved "enough" in a leadership role.  
For introverts: How to connect with other people — and even market yourself! — AND protect your energy and battery life. 
All that and more! If you want to connect with other people authentically and effectively, be sure to listen to this episode. 
And, be sure to find Kat at or at

Tuesday Mar 07, 2023

In “Coaching with Cam”, Camille takes a break from interviewing guests to share lessons, tips, tricks, and other writing wisdom with listeners. 
In today’s episode, Camille (aka Cam) walks you through three common writing mistakes that she sees people making ALL THE TIME. 
These mistakes can prevent your writing — such as your newsletter, blog, article, social content, educational product, speech, you name it — from hitting home. They can be the difference between people “getting” what you have to say, or not. 
Plus, these mistakes can really interfere with your writing process. If you feel frustrated or overwhelmed every time you sit down to write, chances are one of these mistakes has something to do with it. 
Even seasoned writers and editors make these errors. They’re that common.
Luckily, you can learn to recognize these common mistakes, avoid them, and correct them when they happen. 
Do this, and your writing will improve. Plus, your writing process will become less arduous and more fun. (Especially if you avoid mistake #1!)
If you… 
Tend to get overwhelmed by all the things you have to say
Spend hours trying to sort through all your ideas and feel like it’s all a big jumble
Feel like people aren’t “getting it” or your message isn’t hitting home
Are hesitant to publish and share your work because you aren’t entirely confident in it, or aren’t sure your message will be properly understood
Aren’t sure how to put your ideas into terms other people will understand
Feel like you aren’t quite “nailing it”
Are annoyed by how arduous, complicated and time consuming writing is
Want to write better and with less effort
… This episode is for you. 

Tuesday Feb 21, 2023

What if you could achieve your goals by playing more?
In this episode, I chat with Janet Omstead, master health coach and play expert, about how to bring a playful approach to various aspects of life, ranging from exercise to thought leadership. 
In this podcast, Janet reveals how a near-death experience changed her life, and ultimately led her to become the coach, speaker, and published author she is today. 
We cover many aspects of her journey including her mission to end the inactivity crisis by playing more, her experiences with book publishing, how she found her niche, how she sets herself apart in a crowded marketplace… and the four letter word she has tattooed on her wrist. 
We explore:
How she found her calling as a health coach and play expert after her first brush with death.
Why it’s worth remembering how you loved to play as a kid—and how to bring that energy back into your life.)
A playful approach to setting yourself apart and defining your own brand. (Hint: Don’t be afraid to make up a title for yourself!)
Janet’s experience writing a self-published book and how it’s helped her in unexpected ways. (And why you should plan to have patience when writing!)
How you can play more and bring more playful energy into everything you do: your movement/exercise, your work, and life in general. 
This is an uplifting episode that will fire you up to take on whatever goals you have for yourself. Prepare to be inspired!
Check out Janet and her book, The Play Book: How to Get in the Habit of Good Health here:
Could more playfulness change your life?
Have a listen and find out!

Monday Feb 06, 2023

Could your mindset be your biggest untapped asset? 
If you have things you want to get better at… challenges you want to overcome… goals you want to achieve… or things you’d simply like to enjoy a little more (and struggle with a little less)… your mindset could help you do it. 
Steve Mesler is a master at mindset. Not only does his non-profit organization Classroom Champions teach kids social emotional learning skills (including growth mindset), he is also an Olympic Gold Medalist, a 3-time Olympian in the sport of bobsled, and a previous member of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Board of Directors. 
In this podcast episode, Steve explores the mental reframes and mindset shifts he’s used to get where he is today. 
In particular, we unpack the beliefs and assumptions Steve had about himself and writing in general that held him back from communicating for years, and how he has since become a stronger fundraiser, leader, thinker, and writer. 
We cover:
Why Steve credits his Olympic success to a fundamental mindset shift.
How Steve went from hating fundraising to loving it… and bringing in nearly 3X the dollars as a result.
A simple reframe you can use anytime to turn something you loathe into something you love. (Try this if you hate sales, marketing, or writing!)
How our thoughts can help us or hurt us, and how to recognize the difference.
The beliefs and assumptions about writing that prevented Steve from expressing himself for years… and the realization that changed his entire approach.
Why you don’t have to (and probably shouldn’t) try to do everything by yourself, and the value of coaching and mentorship.
How to get over paralyzing questions like, “what if nobody reads what I wrote,” or “who am I to do this?” and embrace your potential.
Why writing involves a degree of risk-taking, and how to mitigate that risk.
Why you should see your writing and ideas as a gift for other people rather than a selfish indulgence.
Steve naturally inspires everyone he talks to (including me!), all with a good dose of humility, practicality, and humor. 
Read and subscribe to Steve’s newsletter here:
And check out Classroom champions here:
If you need a shot of motivation or a fresh perspective, don’t miss this episode!

Tuesday Jan 24, 2023

Do you struggle with feeling burned out and overwhelmed? 
Maybe you’ve tried productivity hacks or time management systems but still can’t seem to feel calm, centered, or on top of things. 
Katelyn Steven may have the answer. 
As an embodiment coach, Katelyn helps people bring more balance, stability, pleasure, and groundedness into their lives. By helping them better connect with their bodies, and build resources and rituals that support their own needs, Katelyn’s clients finally get off the hamster wheel of overthinking, overworking, and burn out. In the process, they establish more self trust, care, and ease.
(As a previous client of Katelyn’s, I can vouch for this personally.)
If any of this resonates with you, you’ve got to have a listen to this episode! We cover: 
Why more thinking, strategizing, or analysis is not the answer.
Practical tips on how to make small adjustments to your day so you feel less exhausted, burned out, anxious, depleted, or stuck in analysis-paralysis.
How to resource yourself before, during, and after difficult or important life events so you can feel less drained (and more awesome.)
How to make your days a little bit nicer, more enjoyable, and more pleasurable – without overhauling them.
How to connect more with your body, and what a daily embodiment practice looks like.
Three steps to turn small daily habits into rituals that will leave you feeling restored. 
Through this conversation you’ll notice that Katelyn is a fierce champion of enjoying life and making time for small pleasures and acts of self care. If you tend to put yourself last or spend your days rushing through your to-do list, this is for you!
Katelyn Steven is a feminist embodiment coach who helps humans of all genders reclaim their pleasure and power by helping them build unshakeable trust in themselves and their own wisdom. She provides powerful one-on-one and group coaching services and facilitates welcoming community events. 
Be sure to find Katelyn here: and here:
Grab a cup of coffee or tea, get cozy, and check out this fantastic episode!

Tuesday Dec 13, 2022

Have you ever wondered what an art curator does – or what you might learn from one? 
If you have (or even if you haven’t!) it turns out there are TONS of things thought leaders can learn from a professional curator, like: 
How to bring together multiple voices; for example, if you’re putting together a conference line-up, or writing a book with multiple authors, or curating content for your blog.
How to collaborate and co-create (and why it’s worth doing)
Why it’s worth taking the time to enjoy consuming content, not just making your own. (Yes, this might just give you permission to watch reality TV!)
How to build time for thinking and reflecting into your day
How to get people to come out to your event or see your work
How to make complex ideas accessible and understandable, without dumbing them down
How to recognize and give due credit to the people who have influenced your work
How to deal when you DON’T get the response you want from the thing you’ve made
How to speak up about difficult subjects (and help other people do the same). 
… and so much more
In this episode, I chat with Lillian O’Brien Davis — a curator and writer currently based in Toronto, ON. 
Lillian is the Curator of Exhibitions and Public Programs at Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography. She has curated projects at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto, Susan Hobbs Gallery, the MacKenzie Art Gallery, SUPPORT Gallery and the School of Art Gallery at the University of Manitoba. Her writing has appeared in RACAR, BlackFlash magazine, Canadian Art online, C magazine, the Brooklyn Rail, Peripheral Review and Insight Magazine. 
In this conversation we discover a great deal of cross-over between thought leadership and curation! 
Towards the end of the conversation, we also get vulnerable – we talk about the struggles of working behind-the-scenes, and what it was like for Lillian to publish an article that had the impact to alter the course of her career. 
There’s a ton of stuff in this episode to help you think about storytelling in new ways. 
Listen now!

Tuesday Nov 29, 2022

When it comes to writing / publishing / thought leadership, do you ever feel bogged down by what you “have to” do? 
For example, you “have to”...
👉🏻Write consistently. 
👉🏻Keep up a steady schedule.
👉🏻Figure out a clear strategy.
👉🏻Create “content” (whatever that is.)
👉🏻Have a clear and cohesive brand (ditto ^^).
👉🏻Develop customer avatars (ditto again ^^).
What if you didn’t actually HAVE TO do any of that? 🤯
What if you could write, develop a reputation, grow as a thought leader, express yourself, and make a difference with your words and ideas… AND do it your own way? 🎉
Enter Kate Solovieva.
Kate Solovieva (aka Solo) is the Director of Community Engagement at Precision Nutrition, an experienced coach who’s worked with over 1000 clients, and an expert in behavior change with two psychology degrees to her name. She has also been writing her own blog and e-newsletter for years at, and is the author of her self-published book, Half Pregnant. 
In this episode, Kate brings both her experience as a coach and a writer to the conversation. She shares how we can overcome perfectionism and get better at the whole writing and publishing thing — without getting hung up on all the stuff we “have to” do. 
Kate even challenges some of the “rules” I myself recommend. 😳
If you:
Love to break the rules / go your own way
Struggle to stick to schedules or rigid plans
Tend to feel intimidated or overwhelmed
…. This podcast is for you. 💝
Topics we cover: 
🕰️The real reason it’s HARD to get in the habit of writing and publishing, and why you should be patient with yourself.
💜What the phrase “personal brand” really means, and how to figure out what your brand is WITHOUT the need for logos, clever phrases, or a $$$ marketing agency.
🏋️How to get started writing regularly and find the “manageable lift” for you… even if you’re starting from absolute scratch.
🗓️An alternative to writing consistently → If you hate rigid schedules you’re going to love this tip!
🌟Why you DON’T need a beautifully formatted newsletter or blog template, PLUS a super simple, stealable concept you can use to write your own newsletter without too much effort.
✍️A trick for improving your writing. (Hint: it’s all about the detail.) 
❤️‍🩹The surprising things that can happen when you get vulnerable and share your messy, real-life stories.
Don’t miss it!



As a storytelling specialist, I help high-performing individuals share their unique ideas and insights in a compelling and meaningful way.

With my help, they level-up their leadership, turn their brands into legacies, and make the impact they were born to make.

Can a good story do all that? Sure can.

I’m Camille, and if you’ve got a story, I’ll help you tell it.

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